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Ways to Upcycle Old T-Shirts! - AndreasChoice
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Straight Hair WITHOUT a Flat Iron!?
I'M ON INSTAGRAM!! You need: JUMBO rollers A hooded dryer: Clips FTC: not sponsored
How to Style Curly Hair! (Curly hair routine)
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My FAVORITE Conditioners, Hair Tools, & Products!! - AndreasChoice
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Big Healthy Hair Story!! (update)
I'm on instagram! Cut off my hair in 08' =) Hair update for the ones that requested it! Sorry if not much has changed since my last update. ALSO, thank you all for being so patient with me while I worked in Italy and during my move.
Big Voluminous CURLS!
FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM =D Products used: Enzo Milano curling iron & flat iron Paul mitchelle 'Hold me tight' Spray L'anza Neem Serum 2 clips 'The End' Silicone protector from MAXIUS Brush Teasing brush
Summer Lovin' Beauty Tips!
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70's Angel Hair Style
Springtime Glow Makeup & Rope Braid! -Andreaschoice
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MY Weight Control rules
I'M ON INSTAGRAM =D Forgive the editing errors! lol HEY! =) 1st let me say, I am NOT trying to lose weight, but if I was, this is my Personal plan when I'm cutting down the calories. Hope it helps! (Please don't criticize my personal preferences.